Destiny LFG

Below is the Destiny LFG ("Looking for Group") iOS app that has been on the Apple App store since September 2014 (I had to pull it off in 2022 due to server costs outweighing usage).

Bungie's biggest game to date had a horrible matchmaking system in place (or, you could say, none at all) when this game launched. Users could not find like minded folks to complete the games various challenging missions with.

The idea to create a central location for users to find other people to play with is not unique or groundbreaking, but there wasn't yet one developed for iOS devices. I decided to develop this Destiny LFG app to fill the demand from the community.

Destiny LFG was originally developed as a native iOS8 app. It was very archaic looking with the default styling on the UITableView that was used. Some brief attempts were made to extend the native iOS controls for a custom look but there was a better solution in the way of HTML5. After some research AngularJS was selected as the platform of choice. AngularJS and the Ionic Framework were used when a complete app rewrite took place. It wasn't much of a burden, Ionic made it very simple to put together a decent UI/UX and AngularJS allowed me to call my REST web services to handle user actions and requests.

Since 2018, I've done more than one rewrite of the app (it's become my hello world at this point). It's now written in React native (it had a short life as an Angular app prior), it was very easy to use, the templates and bindings were a breeze.

Speaking of web services, I'm using .Net Core Web Api and MySQL databases to handle user data and requests.

Garbage Lane

I made a game!

I actually went through the entire process, and didn't quit this time.

Garbage Lane is not very complicated but I'm proud to have finished this project. It is an 'endless runner' type game created with the Godot game engine. I initially approached Godot with the plan to use C# as the language I'd use but shifted to their GDScript, a very python-like language. C# is my main squeeze but the support is still being built out for it in Godot (especially related to iOS exports), and I figured it'd be fun to learn something new along the way.